She floats like a swan
Grace on the water
Lips like sugar
Just when you think you’ve caught her
She glides across the water
She calls for you tonight
To share this moonlight
You’ll flow her river
She’ll ask and you’ll give her
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
She knows what you know
I know what she’s thinking
Should be kissing, should be kissing
Just when you think she’s yours
She’s flown to other shores
To laugh at how you break
And melt into this lake
You’ll flow down her river
But you’ll never give her
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
She’ll be my mirror
Reflect what I am
Loose women
The king of Siam
And my Siamese twin
Alone in the river
Mirror kisses
Lips like sugar
Sugar kisses
Lips Like Sugar, por Echo & The Bunnymen
As fotos incríveis são de Andrea Smith