Para diminuir o desconforto de comer sozinho em restaurantes: um manual em nove passos, do Wikihow.

Eating alone in public makes some people feel uncomfortable, especially in a sit-down restaurant. Whether you are eating alone because you just want to get out or because you’re traveling on business, here are some tips to make eating out alone more enjoyable.

1 – Choose a lively dining spot with food you like that has quick service.

2 – Ask for a seat at the counter or bar. In addition to ordering a drink, the bar tender can often show you the menu. It’s very common for those eating alone to sit at a counter or bar.

3 – If no bar or counter is available or you simply prefer a table, ask the hostess to seat you. Just say “table for 1 please” or “it’s just me this evening.” Smile. It’s ok, they want to serve you and are happy you came. If there is a seat by a performer, such as a piano player, ask to be seated near the entertainment.

4 – Engage the waiter if you are looking for conversation. Ask them to recommend a dish or ask about the local weather.

5 – Bring a book, magazine, or newspaper to read while you are waiting for your meal. This will put you at ease.

6 – Enjoy your meal. When the waiter comes by and asks you how everything is, tell them fine and ask for the check even if you are not finished eating. This way you won’t have to prolong the time you sit at the table alone.

7 – If you are enjoying yourself, you may try to relax and do some people watching. If you catch someone’s eye, just smile.

8 – If you get up during your meal before you have finished to use the restroom, let the waiter know you’ll be right back so they don’t clear your plate by mistake.

9 – Pay your bill and tip your waiter and thank the host on the way out. How lucky for you to have someone cook for you and wait on you.

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